Shopping Without Cruelty: What You Need to Know

If you are purchasing makeup, determine whether or not animals were involved in the testing process. Make it a priority to help those animals that are being used for this purpose.


Do you want to do your part as a consumer? You can help animals that are a part of the testing process. There are five ways you get involved.

1. Use Leaping Bunny to determine which products do not engage in animal testing.

Leaping Bunny provides a great guide for consumers as it reviews all the cruelty-free brands. There are a number of companies included on the list, across several different categories, and all of them are recognized for their cruelty-free tactics. As you are shopping, look for the Leaping Bunny logo; if you see it, you know that the product is kind to animals and you can feel good about purchasing it.

2. Do your research.

If you want to make a purchase from a brand that is not on the Leaping Bunny guide, talk to the company directly. Find out if animals are used during any stage of the testing process. In addition, find out if the products are available in China; China has a requirement that all cosmetics be tested on animals.

We have done some of the leg work and found the top brands currently in USA, UK and Canada that sell cruelty-free beauty products.


3. Talk to businesses about the CCIC.

If there is a brand that you are interested in purchasing from, talk to them about the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics ( Request that they join so they can get their product designated as being cruelty-free. Look at the company’s website if you are having trouble finding contact information.

4. Get your legislators on board.

Talk to your representatives about working with The Humane Cosmetics Act.

5. Broadcast your support.

There are bags, stickers, stamps and a number of other products that promote getting rid of animal testing on cosmetics. Buy some of it. The proceeds will help the cause you care about.

Best Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands Around Today!

o you love animals and strive to avoid products that use them for testing or ingredients? Great news: there are more choices than ever before for cruelty-free beauty products. While it would be great if all companies would abandon animal testing and adhere to vegan formulas, we found some that are leading the way. You can use these products without worrying about our beloved animal friends!


This company has a well-known story that begins in the land of Israel. Their formulations use mud and minerals directly from the Dead Sea. The name of the business is derived from the Hebrew word for love and they show their love for animals by never using them.


This company has a cruelty-free policy and a fantastic product line that we cannot get enough of. One of the reasons the company is so great is their “Never List.” These are ingredients you will never find in their products and it begins with animal fats, oils and musks.


If you love to wear gorgeous and colorful nail polishes, then this is the company for you. Based out of Los Angeles, their most well-known product is their nail wraps worn by celebrities like model Alessandra Ambrosio. These polishes are vegan, cruelty-free and five-free so you can purchase as many as you want. The wide range of colors includes glittery and metallic options.

Nourish Organic

This company is highly dedicated to never testing on animals and the vast majority of items you can find in their organic skin care products are vegan. They worked with the Department of Agriculture to develop organic standards for beauty products are were the first to be certified by the USDA.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

We love this product line, not only because they are vegan, but because of the fantastic color choices they offer. The colors range from mild to funky-fabulous. It is a professional quality brand that has a great reputation all the way around.

Sage & Row


While most people think about makeup and skin care when it comes to beauty product lines, shaving should be right up there on the list. After all, you want smooth and supple skin all over! Their products help to make this a luxurious experience.


Sourced through a women’s co-op, this company is a must on so many levels! Based in northern Ghana, the shea butter is fair traded and organic, making it a smart choice for your skin and the world.

Organic Beauty

Their line of organic beauty products like vitamin c eye serum contains attractive shades and rich pigments. These luxuious products are cruelty-free and long-lasting!

Payday Loans: How They Can Help With Emergency Pet Care

petsAnimals become part of the family. There are instances where pets become unexpectedly ill or get hurt. In these situations, emergency pet care can be very expensive. Owners do not always have the money they need to get their pets the help they require. This is where Toronto payday loans come in handy.

Going to see the veterinarian can be quite expensive. However, when a pet you love is suffering, there is really no other choice.

How to Save Money

When you own a pet, you know that emergencies can and do happen. However, unless you are prepared, these emergencies can really devastate your financial situation. The best thing to do is to put a bit of money aside each month, so that you have a small savings fund for your pet. If you are interested in how to do this, read on for more information.

1. Avoid filling prescriptions at the veterinarian.

When you do so, you pay a lot more than you would pay if you simply bought the medication on the Internet or at your own pharmacy. While it is certainly convenient to have a prescription filled at the vet’s office, doing so is not in the best interest of your wallet. Instead, have the veterinarian write out a prescription so that you can take it elsewhere.

2. Go to a superstore to get pet food.

Superstores, like Sam’s Club or Costco, get large amounts of food at rock bottom prices. They always have pet food available, and there is generally a good selection as well. If you can’t find the brand you want, see if the store will order it for you. Simply ask to speak to the manager to find out what they can do for you.

3. Do not buy toys at a pet store.

Again, the prices are marked up dramatically if you shop at a boutique or a pet store. Instead, the grocery store is the way to go. You can often find the same toys listed at half the price of the pet shop. Remember, pet stores have to pay for promotions and advertising, so the cost of their products reflects this.

4. Create a savings account for your pet.

When you save money in these ways, put that money aside so that you will have a fund to use if your pet gets unexpectedly sick or injured. If you follow this plan consistently, you should have enough money to handle an emergency situation. If you fall short, a payday loan can help you.

People love their pets. They are members of the family, and as such, when they need care from a veterinarian, they will usually get it. However, remember not to go overboard on your pet’s daily care. Look for ways to save money so that you can afford any emergencies that occur. You will be glad you did!